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With your itinerary within Atlanta all mapped out and around a specific activity, be it Six Flags Over Georgia visitation or hiking the Stone Mountain. It might come as a surprise to realize that what awaits you is far beyond your expectation; and the several museums, theaters, parks, restaurant and so much more hold a special place in the diverse way this city is set up.

You have a wide range of options when it comes to a well-rounded vacation with so many diverse variety in mix, whether with friends, a lover, or on a business retreat with colleagues or family. The High Museums Art readily comes in handy with a provision of one-of-a-kind experience that attracts to itself well- known artists of international repute, all around the world– although art lovers can also satisfy their taste by visiting the small museums and pick galleries of their choice. If you’ve got great love for the arts, you might want to visit the Woodruff Art Centre and not forgetting the Alliance Theatre where world premieres are common scenes. Well acclaimed artiste and Broadway acts are constantly seen at the Fox Theatre nearby— and performance drink at The Georgian Terrace that is right for the moment.

Piedmont Park, with its family-friendly appeal, provides nature lovers an amazing time out just as the park is well situated for a festival or event of some sort. And when the city becomes less of a comfort, nature takes over by sharing some of its delight at the Georgia Aquarium.

Piedmont Park

You may call it Atlanta’s central Park but of a smaller size. This park is home to roller blade lovers with its well paved trail, and they always indulge in their roller blade activities on a weekend afternoon. Also available is a dog park for fido. The park has got all it takes to make your recreational activities complete aside from the green space; it has a beautiful pond, a lovely swimming pool, basketball and also a tennis court. It is welcoming to people of all walks of life and no one is exempted. You can check online for more information as regards the latest on free events at Piedmont Park

Centennial Olympic Park

The distance from the Downtown landmarks is just a stone throw, and you can be rest assured that this park brings back the feeling of nostalgia, reminding you of your childhood days—those dog days during the summer when the fountains are up and running. The views of the downtown skyline is breathtaking and you can’t ask for more with it presentation of a beautiful natural scenery, which is just perfect for a mid –afternoon reprieve. The sculptures and other items are constant reminders of the 1996 Olympics; you might want to check them out. Free concerts and festivals are also scenes synonymous with this park and you can check online for schedule times before making your way down there. Ice-skating is also a common activity during the winter months.

Zoo Atlanta

This park provides natural habitats in a characteristic manner, and it is also associated with successful breeding activities. Zoo Atlanta is located in Grant Park, and endangered animals have a place they can finally call home—gorillas, rhinos, elephants, etc. Also available is the children zoo that has a playground coupled with a petting area. When you come into this park, endeavour not to miss the Living Treehouse and also the open-air aviary exhibit. Animals like lions, gazelle, giraffes, zebras and so much more can be found at the Masai Mara, which is like the plains of Africa, with trees and vegetation that speaks volume. The Rainforest appears to have a commanding popularity and it houses different types of gorilla species. Other activities that might grab your attention are the train and carousel rides, and also the children’s playground


Fernbank Museum of Natural History

Call it an interactive museum and you would be right. The Fernbank Museum has an appeal that is welcoming to all ages and located near the Carter Centre—along Ponce—with exhibits such as the dinosaur fossil and massive skeletons that is dedicated to Georgia’s geography. This exhibit particularly explores the interpretation of personal adornment emanating from different parts of the world—from jewellery to masks. With constant host to exhibitions and educational and social events makes it all worth it. Also worth noting is the five-story IMAX theatre—acclaimed as the biggest movie screen in Atlanta— that resides inside the museum which has aired several world class nature movies multiple times all year long.


Inside CNN Tour

You have the opportunity to experience news at it making, all behind-the-scene. You get to tour the CNN Studio and have a taste of what it takes to make the news. Your experience during this tour will be worth it as you kick-off by getting a feel of what it is like to create a news broadcast with the simulator of CNN’s main control room. Another thing that you will learn is the special effects and how it is used; take for example the weather map. It doesn’t end there, you get to have a sneak peek of the newsroom where catching some part of a live news cast is part of the tour. And you might just be lucky to see your favourite TV journalist on duty. For more information, additional features with Morning Express Tour—you’ll meet Robin Meade—would help and also Inside CNN VIP Tour. It is advisable you book a reservation because tours could be sold at times.

 World of Coca-Cola

You’ll experience the history of Coca-Cola and discovery the largest display of coke memorabilia. Also on the list is a tasting room and what goes on behind-the- scene in the bottling process all within a 60,000+ square foot exhibit. You’ll have the opportunity to taste over 100 beverages from all around the world, and it might interest you to know that spending quality time—around 1-2 hours— at the museum might just be what you need to see a show at the 4D Theatre and even take a snapshot with Coca-cola Polar Bear or a multimedia journey taken with Coke’s exciting history. If you have kids on board, they will be thrilled at every inch of the minute; the tasting room will be real fun for them. Another thing you might find interesting is the history of Coca-Cola from when it started and how far they have come as a company.


High Museum of Art

A top class art museum with its location in Midtown, Southeast. It has over 12,000 pieces of art in its permanent collection and wide array of 19th and 20th-century American art and also European artwork on display; it is well-suited for any lover of the art. The African American art is making a statement with its increasing numbers and also the modern and contemporary art .Southern artist are well supported and their artworks are being collected. And the museum is regarded as a force to reckon in hierarchy of North America museums, and also known to have a department specially dedicated to folk and self taught art.


Fox Theatre

Erected in 1928 with an amazing and breathless Fox Theatre that’s home to Atlanta’s shriners Organization. At present, it is regarded as a historic museum. The role call of musical acts and Broadway musicals, stage performances and so much more are in their numbers. Annually, the theatre plays host to over 300 productions and half a million guests all around the world. It has a 4,678 seat venue, which is on the National Historic Register. The venue is also available for rental. The interior decor and lovely ceiling makes it perfect for weddings.


 Stone Mountain Park

In the heart of Atlanta is a majestic mountain with the carvings of the Confederate General Roberts E. Lee and Thomas J. “Stonewall” Jackson on the mountain’s face. Visitors have the opportunity to experience the local history with the five-acre park and get real workout. The hiking routes in this park is something hikers will want to explore, and for those less interested, a skylift will  be more than enough to give a rewarding experience.

The kitsch at the “town”  is of  kid-friendly variety and the rides and amusement consist of mini-golf, including Sky Hike attraction that links suspended  bridges in the midst of treetops—and a train ride via 1940s –era train.


Georgia Aquarium

Age doesn’t count or even extensive knowledge about ocean when it to comes to the Georgia Aquarium because it is a must-see. Generally regarded as the largest aquarium in the world, it plays host to several sea creatures. This ocean voyager wins all accolades for a wide array of underwater giants. You’ll watch in awe as the sharks, manta rays and so many water bodies swim their way overhead. Also the beluga whales make their dance in Cold Quest gallery, which is a scene to behold. More so is the interactive session of petting horseshoe crabs, stingy rays and so much more. For a closer and engaging look, there’s an opportunity for individuals to partake in dolphin, penguin, even sea otter programs.



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