Atlanta’s top bars

Ambiance and a unique classy taste generally define a top class bar no doubt, and the Porter Beer Bar is a classic example. With over 400 bottles and 30 beers on display, even beer cocktails with so many other options in the mix. You can be rest assured of the best cocktails, but their cut-throat prices in terms of their products and services is the only down side associated with Porter.

Brick Store Pub is particularly known to offer one- of- a -kind craft beer. A college-town atmosphere is synonymous with this pub rather than bohemian; you can call it your one-stop neighborhood pub with it ubiquitous nature. With a casual style, Polaris has a pure elegant air with a clearly open floor plan, which exemplifies a living room feel with characteristic cocktails. With no disregard for the Polaris of yesteryears, the new Polaris command respect and sure stand tall far ahead of her predecessor.

With a historic appeal, Wrecking Bar offers savory drinks. Sister  Louisa’s may be devoid of the gourmet  option  on offer at the Wrecking  Bar, but the presence of the art work and table tennis by the corner will be a good reason to hold you spellbound. The Earl’s is no stranger in this industry and has been around for quite a while; it has continued to be the staple of east Atlanta village. Manuel’s can be regarded as a neighborhood landmark that has received the likes of President Obama. Holeman and finch is that perfect choice and taste for young professionals and business travelers, and you can say SkyLounge, situated at the Glenn brings the most amazing view that the city has got to offer.

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SkyLounge at the Glenn

It distinctive location atop the historic Glenn Hotel, has earned it accolades such as one of the best rooftop lounges in the world. The views from this location are amazing with the downtown lights in full glare radiating a magnificent energy of some sort. You get a cozy and more relaxing felling with the open-air luxury rooftop bar and also maximum value for your money in all weather conditions with a covered awning. During winter, expect glass panel enclosure allowing you to still have that panoramic view of the city. Done with dinner of shrimp and grits, or perhaps North Georgia trout at the Glenn’s Kitchen, you can  experience the delightful SkyLounge’s signature cocktail .The Vodka is infused with Glenntini’s and offered with garnished cucumber in a glass of martini .


 Holeman and Finch

The Holeman and Finch sit pretty comfortably at the bottom of Aramore Condo building in South Buchhead. The popularity of this bar soared with the legendary burger that’s usually available once to 24 lucky person after 10pm and also on Sundays. But Atlantans on the lucky side can now have a sizzling feel at any time. The industrial space finds it usefulness among young professionals after work, so also is the foodies in the dining room. Though communal table may offer less of an appeal in terms of privacy, but they sure command some respect to share one’s delight as regards to the cuisine on offer. With Bone Marrow St John that’s well paired with pottage shrimp and also grits and bacon alongside. The cocktails offer delightfulness in a fun way and absolutely southern with synonymous names like Bless Your Heart, Down Town Yonder just to mention but a few.


Manuel’s Tavern

Situated in between the Virginia-Highlands and Little Five Point, Manuel’s raises it head high as an elder statesman of Atlanta’s nightlife scene. Formerly known as “Atlanta quintessential neighborhood bar,” with dates as far as the mid-50s, at a time when sandwich and suds were offered to the neighborhood crowd. In recent times, the Manuel’s has become some kind of archive, with Coca-Cola mural, classic Braves pennant and so on, which are readily available. The Manuel’s trivia contest takes centre stage on Sunday , which is quite competitive, and the first Saturday of the month is the turn of the Laughing Matters comedy troupe to dish out some rib-cracking jokes that sweep patrons off their feet. One of Manuel’s latest visitors was President Obama when the rumor of its closure hit town. However, this hallmark tavern in Atlanta is not closing any time soon, but a short break in January 2016 for structural improvement is imminent.


 The Earl

It is one of those establishment that have stood the test of time in the East Atlanta Village,  and one of the most popular. The selection of alcohol is similar to what’s obtainable in most pubs—no specialty cocktail of some sort or craft beers, but a full bar exist. So many folks come to catch their groove and feel the vibe here. Having a taste of the burger with your brew is quite traditional for the locals, so endeavor to indulge. The set up is lovable—wining and dining at the front room while music emanates from the back, making conversation more enjoyable. For the better part of your visit, expect to see local band. And ticket fee is around $10-$12 and parking is entirely free.


Sister Louisa’s Church of the Living Room & Ping Pong Emporium

One thing you must know about this place is that it doesn’t serve craft beer and high-end cocktails. For the records, most people make do with a PBR or a Spiritual Sangria, which is the bar’s signature drink. Church, as it is fondly called by local residents made it to the top 10 list owning to it campy quality in a unique way. The space might not be expansive enough, appearing tacky with religious art and tchotchkes and attracting young and trendy minds. But when you head upstairs, ample space is available , for example the large open room that has corners  windows with light emanating from  the Edgewood, close to Old Fourth ward, a Ping Pong table, and great space to chill. This  bar is known to play host to celebrities when they are in the city filming; Ben Stiller is a name that readily comes to mind—he’s been there a couple of times.


 Wrecking Bar

Before now, this historical building used to be a Victorian home, Methodist Church and also a dance school. In the basement bar, comes a feeling of rustic with a posh blend to it, owning to the stone walls and ancient English furnishings. At the rear of the building, a warehouse exists where the wreaking Bar Beer is brewed on a 7 barrel system. The beer makes a journey from the serving tanks to the draft beer tower at the bar in the brewpub. You are permitted to make a selection of up to 15 taps and 2 casks at any time. However, for special events, there are up to 30 beers pouring concurrently. Mouthwatering meals make Wreaking Bar stand out. The contributions of local farmers and artisans to culinary offerings are immense—for example kielbasa and farm skillet or even smoked trout sandwich with great fries.



This restaurant and bar—with a blue-dome rotating effect– sit characteristically above the Hyatt Regency Atlanta, with a view that takes your breath away. This is known to be the first rooftop restaurant in the city of Atlanta that was initially opened to the public in 1967, and after a decade, it closed for business in the early part of 2000s. And just recently in the summer of 2014, it reopened again for business and now commands a high-end feeling of contemporary of some sort and reminiscence of a museum of yesteryears. With specialty cocktails, guests have their hands full, from classic to seasonal concoction, but uniquely modern twist. The ingredients are readily available from the rooftop bees that belong to the Hyatt Regency and the craft spirits from small batch distilleries. Shareable small plates engineered by the locals, seasonal ingredients make their way out from the residential styled kitchen. The garden at the rooftop is known to grow tomatoes, peppers and so many other produce, all served in the Polaris. Having dinner at the Polaris can bring unforgettable memories, and cocktail might just be the high point of a romantic night.


 Brick Store Pub

The opening of Brick Store was a dream comes true for three friends from Athens, Ga., Which is the pub for local Decatur. With the exposed brick walls and dark wood, you can say this is a departure from the traditional pub—it presents an old style pub atmosphere. You wouldn’t find any such thing as TV, neon, even lame music. The rotation of 12 draught and 75 bottled beers is carefully selected. And upstairs, there are 8 rotating draught and 120 Belgian and their styled bottle beers. The delicious meals are a must, and the select small plate consists of Bavarian pretzel and also spicy mustard, and not forgetting cured meat and cheese plate.



The resemblance of Muss & Turner’s with some other upscale neighborhood diner is striking, but the truth is that it got a secret behind the curtain. Acknowledge the hostess as you continue your walk past the open prep arena, just around the bend to one side and you’ll see a freezer door. You’ll be amaze at what is in front of you as you open the freezer door–another world: It’s Muss & Turner’s shrouded bar called Eleanor’s. The room is dim, with a couple of comfortable corner seats, and some bar seating also. The staff behind the oak counter sports lamps, tattoos and even dreads, and are capable of taking you into another realm with fantastic concoction. You will love the Dickle, cassis, and lemongrass blend; they are really great. If that’s too much for you, then the classics will just be perfect. You may say the beverages are a quite expensive; however, the price is justified when you consider the beautiful ambiance.  Feel at home with amazing beverages and tunes, or request from the full Muss & Turner menu.



The Porter Beer Bar

Call it one of the most cherished Atlanta brew houses and you won’t be far from the truth. It is located in the middle of the Little Five Points neighborhood. It boasts of 400 one- of-a -kind and elusive beers, in addition to 30 on tap offerings, which gives an ample reason to plan a visit. You don’t need to place a reservation because they are not accepted. The Porter attracts a varied group, from beer adoring attorneys to craft bohemians. The mass of individuals swarming the bar and trickling into the road give this bar a well disposed, gathering like buzz. Make sure to test the meals being offered, and for an appetizing snack, try the pretzel. If you’ve a sweet tooth, chomp into the chocolate brownie with beer ice cream butterscotch and so much more.




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